Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why I've Been Gone

I haven't posted in a while, thought it might help to write out why.

A few weeks ago, my youth pastor (the one who shows no interest in forming a relationship with anyone) talked about how he believes in predestination, and how predestination is part of the Southern Baptist Convention thing. And I've had alot of issues with that.

IF it is true, that means it wasnt' someone's choice to go to hell; it was God's. My YP says he's not sending people to hell because we're already going there, and in his love and mercy he's saving some people. The way I see it, though, if HE'S the one choosing: if you have the power to save everyone, or let them choose, and you don't, what's the difference? You are, in essence, damning them.

I get a picture in my head of someone being given a list of names and being told, "All of these people are about to be burned at the stake. However, any of them that you circle will get out. There's no limits, no rules; as long as you circle their name, they live." And then the person leaves the paper in his hamster's cage and whatever names the hamster peed on, you circle. You could have circled every single name.

But you didn't.

The Bible isn't incredibly clear about this, if I'm interpreting it correctly. I guess it's not too hard to imagine a God like that.

But . . .

how do you love him?